1. visiblechildren:

    For those asking what you can do to help, please link to visiblechildren.tumblr.com wherever you see KONY 2012 posts. And tweet a link to this page to famous people on Twitter who are talking about KONY 2012!

    I do not doubt for a second that those involved in KONY 2012 have great intentions, nor…

  2. I’m a Pell Grant recipient and I’m proud!


    As every Pell recipient knows, getting good grades in college is tough. But paying for soaring tuition and fees can be just as challenging. Even with our Pell grants, over 70 percent of us have to hold down a job to make ends meet. Pell helps hardworking students stay in school and earn their way into a promising career.

    Reblog this picture to show how important Pell is to students like you. (Photo credits: Flickr users wharman and English106, sxc.hu users Kurhan and julosstock.)

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  4. Seeds and blooms simultaneously. Cause and effect. Law of the Universe.

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  5. "Without surmounting the fundamental human delusions of greed, anger, and foolishness, we will not be able to solve the many problems that the world faces today, including the preoccupation with economic growth, politics that are devoid of humanism, international conflicts, warfare, growing disparity between the rich and poor, and rampant discrimination. One conclusion from my dialogues and leading thinkers is that the only real solution is for human beings themselves to change, that the sole key lies in ‘Human Revolution’."
    — My sensei, Daisaku Ikeda
  6. Kendrick Lamar Concert. (Taken with instagram)

  7. When life gives you lemons, look at the glass as half-full :) (Taken with instagram)

  8. Crêperie. (Taken with instagram)

  9. Fresh braids on a fresh spirit. (Taken with instagram)


  10. savepell:

    WASHINGTON (July 29, 2011) — Last night, a handful of radical Republicans made it clear that they’d rather risk crashing our economy than support the Pell Grant program and the students who depend on it.


    Cutting off opportunity for the low-income and working-class students who are…